A. Discuss the following questions in groups - Финансы

1) What is the importance of getting higher education?

2) Do all countries have the same higher educational system?

3) What are some of your best (worst) memories of elementary and high school?

B. Make up groups of four. Study the following reasons of getting higher education. Present your point of view to the class.

The primary purpose of higher education is to ….

The primary purpose of higher education should be to ….

~ to have fun ~ to learn how to learn

~ to learn job skills ~ to develop artistic skills

~ to prepare for tests ~ to make friends

~ to make connections ~ to become open-minded

~ to develop your body ~ to learn how to research

~ to increase IQ ~ to become cultured

~ to prepare for living in society

C. Read and answer the questions about the following people who proved their teachers wrong and express your own opinion on each story.

1) Who did more than get married and raise a family?

2) Who followed the teacher’s advice and didn’t go on to university?

3) Who failed an exam in a subject which she later proved to be very good at?


(First Certificate Expert, New Edition, Coursebook, CD 1, track 7)

A. You will hear a radio discussion in which two students are talking about their first few weeks in higher education. First discuss these questions.

1) How does being at college/university differ from being at school?

2) What are the advantages and disadvantages of continuing your education rather than getting a job?

B. Listen again. For questions 1-5, choose the best answer a, b or c.

1) What advice does Leanne give about getting to know people in the first weeks at university?

a Join lots of sports clubs.

b Try not to judge people on first impressions.

c Make friends with people studying the same subject as you.

2) What does Harry regret about his first two weeks at college?

a not going out enough

b not doing more work

c not saving his money

3) Leanne was able to manage financially at university by

a living at home

b getting a part time job

c Finding ways of economizing

4) What is Harry’s view on attending lectures?

a Don’t bother going

b You should make detailed notes/

c They are useful as an introduction to the subject.

5) What do they both find difficult about working without supervision?

a motivating yourself

b not getting distracted

c understanding the task

C. Discuss the questions below.

1) What advice would you give to school-leavers starting higher education?

2) What do you think is the best way to get to know new people?